Miami is known for its Cuban influences and sandy beaches. The vibrant town is full of attractions and activities, and it carries out into the ocean. It is the ideal place to grab your bucket list and start crossing things off. At St Augustine FL Hotel, we have put together ideas of what you should do while you are in Miami.

Get Local

Visiting Miami is about accepting the culture and joining in. There are plenty of things to experience, but there are a few things that come to mind that you have to do at least once in your life. Eating local is a big attraction when in Miami. When going out to eat look for fresh seafood, specifically Stone Crab. Stone Crab is different because you do not eat the whole crab, just the claw. The crabs are caught, and the claws are ripped off, and then thrown back into the ocean where it will grow a new claw. Stone Crab season is October through May and can be eaten hot or cold. After eating some amazing local food indulge in some Cuban coffee. Café Cubano, also known as a Cuban espresso, is a type of coffee that originated in Cuba, famous for the energy it will give you. Order it with extra sugar and a pastelito, a Cuban pastry. Enjoy your coffee while taking a walking tour of the amazing Miami Architecture. The Art Deco Style is shown through the pastel buildings, porthole windows, and terrazzo floors. A walking tour puts context to the style, and the time Miami was built. After a day of local flare join in on the famous nightlife. Known for lasting until the sun rises, there are plenty of places to experience what makes Miami the hot spot for nightlife.

Take A Dip

Whether you are coming for the water sportsbeach hotel st augustine fl or visiting to see the ocean for the first time, Miami is the perfect place to check off everything beach on your list. If you are staying for a week or longer, take the time to get in the water, and either face your fears or enjoy the thrills of water activities. Set out on an excursion to see the sea from below. Depending on your certification you can go scuba diving and explore the sea life and shipwrecks below the water. If you do not have your certification, then try snorkeling. A less intense version to see what lies beneath the enormous bodies of water. Another great way to see animal life up close is by interacting with them. Swimming with dolphins is a popular attraction and something you should have on your list. Dolphins are kind and smart animals that will make your day. Whether you are looking for a boat tour to see them out at sea or looking for a controlled environment, your dreams will come true when you visit Miami.


The beaches alone are enough to visit Miami, but the local charm and attractions are what will make your bucket list travels worthwhile. At Hotel St. Augustine we are close to the beach for all the water activities, and our Hotel is an original Art Deco building, meaning you do not even have to leave the Hotel to experience the local design. St Augustine FL Hotel offers a spa like retreat after you have crossed everything off your list. Enjoy a steam shower, get cozy, and refresh so you are ready to complete the rest of your bucket list!