The roaring 20’s were something of a golden age for many things. Extravagant parties were not unheard of, the art industry was flourishing, and there was a new style of architecture sweeping through Miami. Lining the streets of the Art Deco Historic District, are flashy signs for bistros and boutique hotels Miami. When you stay with us at Hotel St Augustine, you will be right in the heart of this iconic district and immersed in the beauty of Miami Art Deco.

The History Of The Art Deco District

Art Deco architecture was started in France in 1925 and made its way to the shores of Miami soon after. With bright colors incorporated with rounded corners, porthole windows, chrome accents, tropical flora inspired interior, and a retro feel that never loses its appeal, the Art Deco District has over eight hundred building that boasts this timeless design. Over the years, many of the building faced neglect and were nearly removed, but the Miami Design Preservation League was created and has since made it a mission to restore and revive the beauty these buildings brought to Miami.  

Boutique Hotels MiamiDiscover It On Foot

With all of their original designs brought back to life and protected to retain their early 20th-century charm, the Art Deco Historic District is one destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Walk along the streets to relive the glory days of our beautiful city or take a guided tour. There are several unique ways to see this beautiful area. You can take a self-guided tour and experience every highlight and historical building while seeing it as if you had hopped in a time machine.

Staying In Deco

There is no better way to experience the Art Deco District than fully immersing yourself in it. Stay in one of the boutique hotels Miami that holds with a rich history within the Art Deco district with us at Hotel St Augustine. You will remain within the Art Deco District so you will only be a few steps from incredible architecture, delicious eateries, and the beautiful beaches nearby. Find yourself traveling back to a time of gold and Gatsby when you stay at Hotel St Augustine. Call or visit our website to book your stay and experience the stunning Art Deco Historic District.