It is not every day that you can find athletes with 1,200-pound teammates on the beaches of Miami, but during the Miami Beach Polo World Cup, you will find just that. Imagine mounted athletes thundering across the sand in a competitive game with one goal in site. When you stay with us at Hotel St Augustine FL, you will be nearby the action and able to watch it all unfold.

When And Where

Though every year the dates vary, this event is held on Miami Beach at Collins Park. Watch as horses and riders kick up sand in the pursuit of the world title. This event draws in upwards of ten thousand spectators every year that flock to the area to enjoy this sport as well as cocktails, fashion, and cuisine. With the celebrity aspect of this posh event, it allows those spectating to experience a high-end exhibition of athleticism and skill. It’s beginning in the 1920s was the start of polo, and it was not until 2005 that the event we all know and cherish today was brought to the beaches of Miami to grow and become the event we know today.

hotel st augustine flExperience It All

There is nothing quite like well-trained thoroughbreds and their riders exhibiting their skills as spectators enjoy the day in stands and along the beach. Each team you see competing in this exhilarating display of horsemanship is from a different area of the world. Polo is a century old sport that is popular around the globe with Dubai being the birthplace of beach polo; therefore you will find teams from Austria, Dubai, Russia, and more. Sip on excellent cocktails in your finest dress as celebrities and spectators alike mingle under the grandstand canopies in the paid ticket section as this prestigious sport takes over the beach. Tickets are not needed for those who wish to take part in the beachside activities as it is an open event unless you are in the VIP grandstand section.

Where To Stay

While visiting for such a prestigious and world-renowned event such as the Miami Beach Polo World Cup, it is imperative that you stay in a hotel with just as much class and elegance. We welcome you to visit with us at Hotel St Augustine FL for beautifully designed rooms, a boutique feel, and quiet quarters for a good night’s rest after a long day of horses and sunny beaches. You can call and inquire about our beautifully designed accommodations for an unforgettable stay with us at Hotel St Augustine.