In having some of the most beautiful beaches and known for being a hub for warm sandy getaways, it is only natural to hit the water while in Miami. From exploring below the surface with snorkels to racing across the surface on jet skis, there are endless water activities available. Miami is the perfect place to spend a day out on the ocean and return to The Hotel St Augustine Florida for a good night of relaxation. You can stay close to the fun and access the best of Miami with Hotel St Augustine.

hotel st augustine floridaDiscover The Sealife

Miami is right on the ocean with beautiful sparkling waters and incredible sea life below. One of the best ways to discover what lies beneath the waves is by suiting up and diving in. There are numerous tour groups in the area that take excited visitors out daily. The Biscayne National Park area is prime for snorkeling and scuba diving. The Squalo Divers is just one example of a great program to get a crash course on safety on diving techniques and go out to explore safely. Tarpoon Dive Center is another fantastic place to go for an exciting diving experience. So, dive in and swim with the fish to discover the sea life of Miami.

Feed Your Need For Speed

If you have a knack for going fast and a love for speed, there are a variety of fast watersports just waiting for you to experience. A well-known attraction that features a high-speed tour of the Miami waters is the Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures. Hop aboard a large yellow speedboat to fly through the waters for a thrilling adventure. Other fun ways to get out on the waters and make some waves are jet skis, wakeboarding, jetpacks, flyboarding, and more. All of these excursions can be found on adventure sites like Miami Tours and Water Adventures; the possibilities are endless.

A Relaxing Float

hotel st augustine floridaFor a more relaxing time out on the water, grab a paddleboard or rent a sailboat. There are various rentals with kayaks, paddle boards, paddle boats, small and large sailboats, and more. There is nothing quite like the rocking of the waves under you while taking in the fresh ocean air. You can also catch a sailing tour where you sail out with drinks and tasty treats to have a relaxing day gliding over the sea.

Your Most Comfortable Stay

After taking part in all of the water activities you can and soaking in the Miami sun, you can turn in and relax at the St Augustine Hotel. St Augustine Hotel Florida is conveniently located on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach so you can remain close to the main attractions. You will find yourself in a cozy boutique setting to recharge for more adventures. Experience the best of Miami and visit St Augustine Hotel’s website to find the best accommodations for your stay.