Ocean conservation is a huge focus for the Miami Beach area and surrounding communities. From rehabilitating sea life to hosting beach clean-ups, it is not hard to find efforts in keeping our ocean’s ecosystems healthy. When you are looking for hotels in Miami Florida, stay with us at Hotel St Augustine and discover one of the most inspiring phenomena of our oceanfront home— the hatching of baby sea turtles!

Conservation Efforts

Though turtles were once abundant throughout the ocean waters surrounding the United States and the Caribbean, years of humans disposing of trash into the oceans, developing their natural nesting areas, and various other damages to the ecosystem caused by people have considerably lowered their number. Locals and visitors have always loved the turtles of the area. There is no experience quite like snorkeling alongside a graceful turtle as it glides through the waters. Besides cleaning beaches, skimming trash from the waters, and attempts to restore the coral reef areas, there is one effort that steals the hearts of all who witness the phenomena. Since many nesting areas have been destroyed or damaged to where it can be dangerous for turtles to lay their eggs, organizations like The Miami-Dade County Sea Turtle Conservation Program and laws like Florida’s Marine Turtle Protection Act help protect these grounds. Many groups also assist in making sure the baby sea turtle successfully make their trek across the sand into the ocean waves.

Hotels in Miami FloridaExperience a Hatching

If you wish to see this incredible event take place during your stay at hotels in Miami Florida, there are a few ways that you can participate. There are several organizations like the Museum of Discovery and Science that take groups out for a small fee to witness the hatching of these adorable babies. If you are versed in looking for the signs of sea turtle nests and are only interested in watching the hatch, you can visit places like Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park to find the perfect location on the beach to view the marching herds of tiny green turtles, leatherbacks, and loggerheads making their way to the waves edge. The Miami-Dade County Sea Turtle Conservation Program also allows visitors to join them on nighttime hatching releases, and all proceeds will go to additional conservation efforts.

Giving Back While Staying at Hotels in Miami Florida

While staying in hotels in Miami Florida, you will have opportunities to give back to Mother Nature during your visit. Book your stay with us at Hotel St Augustine and discover all of the different beach clean-up opportunities, conservation learning programs, and give back to our beautiful island home. Come and experience one of nature’s most incredible events as you watch baby sea turtles hatch when you stay at Hotel St Augustine. You will never forget it!