The time has come where many people are growing tired of the long school year and need a break. Luckily, places like Miami are ready to help you let loose with a little spring break fun. However, are you prepared to have the best time you have ever had? Hotel St Augustine, one of the boutique hotels on Washington Ave Miami, is here to help you plan out an incredible spring break.

What To Pack

Traveling is all fun and games until it is time to pack. No matter how much you have traveled in the past, something usually ends up forgotten. We put together a list of some essentials to help you out.

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimwear
  • A swimsuit coverup
  • Shorts
  • At least one pair of long pants
  • Sandals and shoes for walking
  • A couple of T-shirts
  • A tank top or two
  • Light sweater
  • Something waterproof to keep valuables in at the beach or pool
  • Phone charger
  • Any toiletries you may need

It is not uncommon to end up bringing a few things home with you as well, so leave just a little bit of space in your suitcase. This makes sure you do not go over the allotted luggage weight or need an additional bag for the journey home. Nobody likes extra charges at the airport.

Plan Out Your Transportation

These days getting around is much simpler. We now have apps on our phones to let us know when a ride is nearby or how long a wait for a ride is. Even with all of this, you do not want to go on a trip not knowing how you are getting around. It is good to make sure you know how often Lyfts and Ubers are available where you are, what the cab numbers are for mobile hailing, and if there are any public transit routes where you are. Having a plan makes sure you get to each destination safely.

Booking Your Stay

One of the most vital components of planning your spring break is booking your place to stay. Hotel St Augustine is conveniently close to the fun without being right in the middle of the spring breaker chaos. Give our boutique hotels on Washington Ave Miami a call at 1-877-347-8430, and we can help you find the perfect room and make sure your excursion is the best it can be. Let us make your spring break unforgettable.