Located in sunny Miami, Florida, Hotel St. Augustine is everything that you could ask for of a beach rental. From their loft-style rooms to their location in the South of Fifth district, you’ll be one step away from amazing beach adventures, trendy eateries, and stunning Miami architecture. Each room is comfortably outfitted with everything you need to feel right at home on Miami beach so that you can return from a day of exploring to a beautiful beachside atmosphere. There is plenty to do in Miami, from walking the white sandy beaches to exploring the city, but one thing many people don’t expect from Miami is its capacity for beautiful and unique architecture. For the traveler who loves cool buildings, or the traveler who just wants a unique experience in Miami, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the most unique Miami architecture worth exploring.

Perez Art Museum Miami

Other than being an art museum worth visiting during your time in Miami, Perez Art Museum Miami is also one of the most distinctive structures you’ll encounter while you explore the city. Built to be hurricane-proof, this unique piece of Miami architecture is an elevated three-story building whose entryway is its own work of art, adorned with hanging plants and a unique slatted-style roof. The museum is now home to exhibitions featuring contemporary artists, a sculpture garden, and a permanent collection of about 3,000 works of art.

Freedom Tower

If you’re the type of traveler who seeks out history and culture, this beautiful piece of Miami architecture is for you. Built in the 1920s, Freedom Tower was a reception center for Cuban refugees during the 60s and 70s. This unique Miami architecture site is hard to miss with its bright yellow face and tall tower, and cultural enthusiasts will enjoy the fact that it was modeled after Giralda Cathedral Bell Tower, which is located in Seville. 

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

This gorgeous Miami architecture is also the site of one of the most popular things to do in Miami. Aside from being a popular spot for weddings and movie sets, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens sit on 43 acres and was formerly owned by James Deering. It is currently regarded as a National Historic Landmark and is surrounded by enormous gardens and mangrove shorelines. Today, you can explore the main house and get a feeling for Miami’s past while you explore the city in the present.

Hotel St. Augustine

When it comes to exploring Miami architecture, there is no shortage of beautiful buildings to experience. Miami is full of stunning and unique buildings, and while you explore these architectural sites, you’ll have the chance to experience the city’s history, culture, and artistic side. A stay at Hotel St. Augustine will allow you to have a home away from home right on the Miami beach, making it easy to experience everything this unique city has to offer, from Miami’s shoreline to beautiful Miami architecture.