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hotels on washington ave miami

Museum Hopping in Miami

Our Miami Florida attractions and weather make it an ideal vacation spot. The beachy things, the swamps, and the endless supply of entertainment make this a vibrant city. What can go under the radar though is the vast collection of museums. Having a rich history and dynamic culture in our city lends itself to these alluring spots. A day visiting these top places is a day well spent.

Miami Florida Attractions – Fashion Week

Innovative and cutting-edge designs for resort apparel and swimwear take to the stage for the annual Miami Fashion Week. If fashion is your calling and you love keeping up with the newest trends, no other Miami Florida attractions can compete with this event. Whether you enjoy designing or are a fashion connoisseur, Miami Fashion Week [...]

Miami Boutique Hotel – A Guide to Miami’s Best Graffiti

Have you ever driven through a city, looking on as you pass walls decorated in original art created by unnamed artists? The stunning details and colors add a splash of beauty to the city in unexpected places. When you stay with us here at Hotel St Augustine in our Miami boutique hotel, you will be [...]

St Augustine Boutique Hotels – The Best Nature Tours In Miami

Whether you live in the concrete jungle or an actual jungle, a nature tour is always an exciting adventure when visiting new places. When you stay in Hotel St Augustine, one of the best boutique hotels in Miami, you will be in the beautiful city of Miami. However, just outside the big city limits, there [...]

Boutique Hotels Miami – Miami’s Art Deco District

The roaring 20’s were something of a golden age for many things. Extravagant parties were not unheard of, the art industry was flourishing, and there was a new style of architecture sweeping through Miami. Lining the streets of the Art Deco Historic District, are flashy signs for bistros and boutique hotels Miami. When you stay [...]

Hotel St Augustine FL: Miami Beach Polo World Cup

It is not every day that you can find athletes with 1,200-pound teammates on the beaches of Miami, but during the Miami Beach Polo World Cup, you will find just that. Imagine mounted athletes thundering across the sand in a competitive game with one goal in site. When you stay with us at Hotel St [...]

Hotel St Augustine Florida- Spring Festivals in Miami

Miami is known for being a hub for incredible nightlife and vibrant events. From music to cars, you will be able to find something fun to do here when springtime rolls around. Hotel St Augustine Florida has a few suggestions for those visiting the Miami area this spring. Sipping Something Good At the Wynwood Marketplace, [...]

Hotels on Washington Ave Miami- Planning Your Spring Break

The time has come where many people are growing tired of the long school year and need a break. Luckily, places like Miami are ready to help you let loose with a little spring break fun. However, are you prepared to have the best time you have ever had? Hotel St Augustine, one of the [...]

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Beach Hotel St Augustine FL, Couples Getaway

It is the season of love, and many couples will be exchanging the typical boxes of chocolates and a bottle of wine. Step out of the norm with getting away from it all and experience the romance of Miami. Treat yourself to beautiful beach scenery, and a tranquil boutique style stay at the Miami Beach [...]

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